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California Attorney Handling Complex Easement Issues

Easements are one of the most common issues people run into when there is a discrepancy regarding a title to land. Even if you rightly own the land in question, if another party has access to or uses a portion of your land your options may be limited in how you can use your land. It is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side who can help uncover easements and correct any problems before any serious disputes arise.

I am Steven F. Ball, a California attorney who has more than 30 years of experience in the practice of real estate law. I am well-versed in title review and clean up, and I am dedicated to helping my clients protect their valuable real estate interests. If you are concerned about easements on your property, I am here to provide you with skilled legal guidance. Send me an email or call 949-385-6420 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

What Is An Easement?

Simply put, an easement grants a party other than the property owner the right to use portions of the property owner’s land. For example, a person may make use of a pathway that encroaches on his or her neighbor’s property in order to access his or her own property.

Easements may be instituted for any number of reasons and are not limited to the property’s surface area. Easements involving the area underneath a property or the airspace above a property are not uncommon. Problems can arise when a property owner is unaware of an easement or when an easement proves to conflict a property owner’s development plans.

Property Surveys Are Not Enough

Most people believe that a property survey will effectively establish the boundaries of a property and uncover any easements. However, sometimes property records are unclear or are contradictory. Other issues that do not show up in a property survey, such as adverse possession where a neighbor has been using a portion of the property for years, or when previous owners have not objected to an easement, can often lead to expensive property disputes.

It is important to have experienced legal counsel on your side who can help uncover these potential issues before they create serious problems. I understand how to research and uncover easements and other potential pitfalls on property that you own or are considering purchasing. If an issue arises, I can also explore your options for cleaning up your title so that you can use your land in the way that you had planned.

Do Not Find Yourself Surprised By Easements Or Other Title Problems. Contact Me.

I have helped numerous individual land owners and companies uncover and resolve easements and other potential title problems. To find out how I can help you, send me an email or call 949-385-6420 to discuss your concerns. From my Laguna Hills law office, I provide real estate law services to clients throughout California and the western United States.