Respected Land Title Attorney In Southern California

Avoid A Lawsuit Through Title Review

A significant number of preliminary title reports — and the majority of preliminary subdivision title reports — are incorrect. Too many people fall into the trap of assuming their land title is fine after reviewing a preliminary report when, in fact, there are things that don't belong on the title report or should be there and are not. That mistake can come back to haunt them in the form of a lawsuit or problems with future development.

As an attorney with substantial experience in title review and clean up, I will try and stop those mistakes from happening. Located in Laguna Hills, I help developers, builders, lawyers and others throughout Southern California and states west of the Mississippi with:

  • Title review and clean up for raw land
  • Subdivision title review for commercial projects
  • Matters concerning covenants, conditions and restrictions
  • Expert witness services, specializing in subdivision title cases
  • Due diligence work
  • Analysis of plotted easements, title insurance reports and ALTA surveys
  • Review of endorsements for future policies
  • Title training sessions for new project managers and other personnel

Relationships Are Key In The Title Business

Since I have been part of the title insurance industry for more than three decades, I have developed ongoing relationships with people throughout the industry, including positive working relationships with all of the larger title companies in Southern California. These relationships are often key to success. If a title company trusts me from the many interactions we have had over the years, we will be able to come to a quick agreement without second-guessing each other. That means less time and money spent finding a solution.

Another relationship key to success is the one I have with my clients. I want to develop a lasting relationship with you so that you have one person to turn to who you know will take care of all of your title needs.