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Over 30 years of experience in the title industry

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Experienced Title Review And Clean Up Services

The last thing you need is to discover a title issue by accident after the deal is already closed. Avoid liability and a lawsuit by working with me, Steve Ball, at the front end. Located in Laguna Hills, I represent clients throughout Southern California and the western states in title review and clean up.

I am good at what I do because I love what I do. I have dedicated my 30-year career to title work. I know title law backwards and forwards and can offer the kind of experience that is difficult to find in today’s post-real estate crisis era; experience that is necessary to protect your claim to your land and keep you out of the courts. Whether you are a builder, developer or lawyer looking for land title review and clean up services, call me at 949-385-6420 to learn how I can use my experience to protect your interests.

Your Title Review Summary

I will thoroughly review your preliminary title report and plotted easements. I’ll then send you a title review summary that:

  • Includes the owner, buyer, date of the preliminary report and legal description of every item on the report
  • Analyzes each and every item on the report, including areas of concern
  • Summarizes what is missing or incorrect on the title report
  • Gives a list of endorsement recommendations (what endorsements you should ask for to correct the title policy)
  • Includes a notes section that discusses the problems you might have and what your concerns should be

I will then present the insurance company with information about expired easements (if any) and negotiate with the title companies on your behalf to clean up your title.

Do not trust your preliminary title report. I have been able to save my clients thousands of dollars by uncovering hidden easements, toxic waste and other serious title issues.

Thorough But Quick. Experienced But Affordable.

My effective working relationships with all of the larger title companies in Southern California and many companies around the country means I am able to get quick results; they trust my analysis. What this means for you is fewer fees and quicker access to your land. I am also able to keep costs low because of low overhead. As a solo attorney, I may be a small operation, but when you work with me, you can trust you will work only with me — never with a first-year associate who has little to no experience.

To learn how I can help you review and clean up title to your raw land in California or elsewhere, please call 949-385-6420 or send me a message.